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To take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and assimilate them into a church community where they may grow spiritually and become equipped to win the lost.

Spirit Led, Compassion Driven.


  • Transformation of family, community and nation
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • December 2005

    some of our church members in the fisrt structure

    The structure was temporary and its where the vision bearer of Dove ministries Africa started from by laying his foudation and now we can all see how far the lord has brought us

    March 2013

    Another team that the Lord used during the season of 2013

    Some of the Church memebers that laid the foudation stone in Zana, Kampala uganda where the headquarters of DMA are now fully established.

    November 2014

    Orphan sunday celebration

    Orphan Sunday in Uganda is a significant celebration that unites communities, churches, and organizations to raise awareness and support for orphans. It involves vibrant decorations, church services, and various activities aimed at empowering these vulnerable children. The event serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by orphans and the need for a loving family. Fundraising drives, educational programs, and mentorship initiatives are organized to provide essential support systems. Orphan Sunday highlights the importance of collective efforts in offering a brighter future to these children, filled with love, care, and opportunity.

    March 2023

    Women's Day celebration

    The women shared their experiences, triumphs, and challenges, fostering a strong sense of community and sisterhood. It is a day of celebration, reflection, and solidarity, reminding everyone of the invaluable contributions and resilience of women in Ugandan society..

    May 2023

    Annual Pastor's and leaders' conference,Mukono

    Pastors and leaders were greatly equipped with leadership skils and knowledge by our Dear Pastors and great leadwers from different Areas and continents like Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and USA, Lead by Pastor GREG HASWELL the lead elder of the Northlands church.

    June 2023

    ANNUAL DMA conference, In JINJA

    The conference was successful and very many people gave thier lives to Christ and many rened their convenant of salvation with the Lord.

    Who We Are

    Experience God's unconditional grace and forgiveness.